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The Jack & Spade Collection by Renee Spade

The Jack & Spade Collection is the exclusive line of products featuring the modern stylish fine art pet & floral photography of our mom, Renee Spade. After years in the corporate world & caregiving for her mom, Breast Cancer came into her life with a gift. With us as her healing energy and inspiration, her creative abilities awoke and her career as a pet photographer began. She finally found her lifes work. Her work & mission is to spread the joy and wonder only we of the four-legged kind can bring to humans. Our products will make you smile. SPREAD THE JOY! Visit 'The Jack & Spade Collection by Renee Spade' store today.


Marian Cates said...

Wonderful dogs and cats! Great to see a fellow dog and cat lover! Cheers, Marian